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Much of the evening is spent
taking inventory
making lists
exchanging "love resume's"

It's said the devil's in the details -
though some are convinced it's God

He hums along to the music of her voice
as she shares dreams
and disappointment...

Realizing he's been staring
at her breasts,
he quickly shifts his gaze -
hoping she hasn't noticed.

She laughs at his jokes,
even the lame ones that limp
their way to the punchline,

and tries to focus on his life story
but is distracted
by restaurant Muzak -
"The Sounds of Silence" in Mandarin.

Finally, their eyes make the connection
that words could not.

Blue water caressing golden sand,
they stroll along that shoreline
until good night -
a sweet kiss
and "We must
do this

..........(c) 1998 Tom Romeo..

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